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This is an amazing client management system. Send invoices, pricing guides, emails, questionnaires and more all collected in one place! They also have forms that you can integrate into your website to funnel inquires right into new projects. Saves me so much time and looks incredibly professional for your clients.

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Pic - Time

This is the website I use for my galleries and print sales! My favorite thing about the print store Pic-Time hosts is that it automatically adds your client's images into the products, and they are even included as a preview at the bottom of their gallery! They have optional automated sales as well that you can set up to automatically be sent to anyone who has viewed your galleries. This is a great way to push prints to parents, grandparents, and all sorts of friends and family that may also be interested without collecting all of that information on your own. 

Get  a 30 day trial for free and then an additional one month free with my referral code: ML5PYM

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