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Pricing + Packages

What's included in starting prices?

Photography sessions are typically about an hour long and include an online gallery with the final edited images from that shoot. Unless otherwise stated they include one outfit and one location. Weddings are a little more complicated but are very customizable, shoot me an email and we can talk! But regardless of the session type, I never withhold any good images for more money and I never limit my shooting during your time to ensure you only receive a certain number of photos. You can walk away with all your images in that digital gallery at just that session fee, no hidden charges. You are by no means required to order prints through me, though I do recommend it as quick shop printers can often skew colors and clarity. You are more than welcome to share the images all over the internet, I just ask that you don't edit them in anyway and consider giving me a tag so others know where to find me!



full day coverage starting at $3000*

This is the one for those who want their wedding album to be as warm and love filled as their marriage, those who like chatting about all the cute details they've packed into their wedding day and those who understand good photography is worth the investment. All packages include an engagement session and an online gallery of all the final edited images.  

I am also excited to now be offering highlight videos as an add on option to my wedding packages. Ask me about them or check out my youtube channel below! 

*Special rates available for elopements and off season weddings! Hourly rates available for weekday weddings and elopements.


sessions starting at $350

This is the one for those who just popped a question, have a new shiny ring and lots of love to share. You both should come prepared to flip your hair a little, wipe your lipstick off your honey and lift, spin, and piggyback your sweetheart into a fit of giggles. Engagement sessions are also included with all my wedding packages.



sessions starting at $300

This is the one for seniors, small business owners, aspiring actors, or even those of you that just want to feel as gorgeous as you are for a little bit. 


sessions starting at $400

This is the one for the whole crew. Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, maybe even a pupper or two can all join us for tickle fights, silly faces, and freeze frames. Up to 6 friends are included in this price (this includes our furry friends). 


sessions starting at $300

This is the one for those who are about to celebrate a birthday whether it be their first, half, or their actual birth day. Cake, spaghetti, whipped cream, or anything they can smash all over their face is always encouraged but not required. These sessions are typically outdoors for me but if you are able to provide a location I can also do them indoors! Ask about deals for a combination about milestone sessions from maternity to first year!

a la Carte

Whether it be prints, a second outfit, extra hours to your wedding, or adding a few heads to your family sessions I have all sorts of add on options for you to make your experience as personalized and perfect as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

Fill out the contact form down below or shoot me an email at! After that I'll contact you and we can talk a little bit! I want to make sure that I'm the right photographer for you and make sure that I'm available when you need me before any money is exchanged. 

What should I wear?

I always tell people that comfy is better than anything else. Kids are gonna run and probably fall at least once, guys need to be able to move and lift their arms above their heads, girls should be able to spin and twirl and be able to sit down. Whatever that means for you, I'm okay with! Color wise I suggest coordinating and not necessarily matching and avoiding bright colors like neons and bright greens (unless its for Christmas). Confidence is more photogenic than any Pinterest board outfit! 

Do you travel?

YES YES YES! Travel is included in all of my wedding packages up to a two hour drive from my home in Indy or my hometown of Mishawaka. For sessions it's up to one hour. Past that it's just a little fee of $1 per mile outside of the radius. Additional fees may be included for weddings/sessions that require overnight lodging or flights but we discuss all of that up front so that there are no surprises later on! 

Can I get all the images from my session unedited?

The short answer: no. The long one? There's a few reasons; the final images I send out are a representation of me and my business, the unedited images don't do that to the degree that I aim for; I take HUNDREDS (sometimes cracking 1000) images during sessions and thousands during the course of your wedding day, trust me you don't want to see all of them and it can be quite overwhelming if you do; my camera shoots in a format called RAW and often times your computer can't even open those files. Like I mentioned above, I never keep more images from you for more money so there is no benefit in me withholding anything. I promise I spend hours going through each and every photo to insure that you get each quality moment and smile throughout our time together. 

How long til I get my photos?

Though it can be, and usually is, shorter - sessions are delivered within 5 weeks and weddings are typically delivered between 5-8 weeks. As a bonus I also typically send a few sneak peaks within 48-72 hours of your session because I'm just as excited as you are for you to get a look . I will let you know what date to expect the rest of your images when I send you your sneak peeks! 

Don't see what you're looking for ? Go ahead and shoot me a message and we can see what we can work out. 

Ready to Book?

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