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Kelsey Self Portrait

About Me

I'm Kelsey. I'm an Indiana photographer who is always willing to travel for love, a good sunset, and strawberry sundaes. I graduated from Purdue University with an art degree focusing on photography and am now running this little photography business of mine full time out of Indianapolis. 

Fun Kelsey Facts: 

- I love caffeine but not coffee, that's gross. Just give that liquid gold that makes your heart pidder padder in just about any other form. McDonalds' Coke is always a favorite.

- My pupper Kora is my best friend and I am a very proud dog mom even though my little sister's will forever tease me for using that term. 

- I play video games, probably more than I should. Let me know where we're dropping and I'll be there.

- I could eat nothing but burrito bowls for the rest of my life and be completely content.

- I live to capture the little candid moments in between all the posed nonsense and will tell all the bad dad jokes I can to get a good nose crinkle smile.

When you hire me you're not only getting some amazing photos but a fun experience as well. Consider me your hype girl, maybe even an honorary bridesmaid if we hang out on your big day. My goal is to eliminate as much of the stress that is associated with getting your picture taken that I can. Whether it be making you comfortable in front of the camera, making you feel as gorgeous as I see you or the financial side of things - I'm here to help!

Think we could be a good fit? Let's chat! Fill out the contact form below and we can talk on the phone or meet up for drinks! I also never turn down some good old chips and salsa from Hacienda. 

Kelsey Self Portrait Sunflower
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