Keeping Up With Kelsey - February

Okay so this one's a little late. But if February got its stuff together and had 30 days like everyone else then it'd be less late. So we're gonna look at it like that.

February is always one of my favorite months. It's jammed pack with goodies and I love it! So let's get down to it.

So in case you just happened upon this blog and haven't paid any attention to me before, this month I ran an insane special for couple's photos. This led my month to be filled to the brim with lovely sap sessions. It was beautiful. I met with 9 adorable couples and got to capture a little bit of each of their love stories. I don't want to spend too much time talking about that, even though it was the majority of my month, because I'll be posting a seperate blog featuring all of those love birds very soon! Go ahead and subscribe down below if you want to get notified when that goes live! (yeah, shameless plug)

I booked 2 weddings!

Now we're about halfway to my goal for the year by month 2, that's great! I've also had way more inquiries than I've had in awhile. If you're considering letting me join you for your big day, talk to me! We can see if we're a good fit! I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

The Superbowl

Man this feels like forever ago, but basically Brock has been a die hard Eagles fan for, well, probably forever. We (okay maybe mostly me) have always given him a hard time about it because like seriously, who's actually an Eagles fan? Well, now a lot of people. We watched the game at his house with a giant stromboli from Nick's wonderful mother and a little bit of beer. I always struggle really hard with the SuperBowl because there's no good time to go to the bathroom or get more drinks, you're just stuck in front of the TV because you want to watch the game, and then you want to watch the commercials. It's okay, it was totally worth it when they won and Brock got to get all excited and rub it in our faces. He's adorable.

Valentine's Day

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for the sappy. So obviously a holiday wrapped in hearts and mush is one of my favorites. I love a good excuse to spoil Brock and to give a little love to others as well. Also, I'm pretty proud of my gift for Brock, it's snazzy. I got him a map of the night sky from the night that he first told me he loved me (it was a pretty bomb night, there was a killer sunset and a cop involved, don't worry - no laws were broken) Anyway I'll put a picture of it down below. It's an awesome present idea if you've got anyone in your life that likes the sky and memories. I'm a killer gift giver, it's on my resume.

My Birthday!

So the real reason this blog is a little late is because my birthday is the 28th of February and obviously I had to include that. The weekend before we went up to Mishawaka and crammed our weekend full of birthday related activities. Lemme break it down for you:

FRIDAY - We went to Haci with the one and only Casidhe (who we saw a whole bunch this month, it was great. I highly recommend) and with only a few death threats they respected my wish to not get Happy Birthday sang to me. Go them. Then after that we went and saw Black Panther. 9/10. Brock will rant about how cheesey some of the green screen was but I think that it fit the whole comic book superhero vibe. Super good storyline and character development though. I'm even more pumped for Infinity War now.


I always feel bad when people walk out right away because they miss so much. My butt stays in my seat until the very end. Sometimes even until the ushers come in to clean. Ya girl is not missing a single teaser.

SATURDAY - I had a photo session in the morning at Notre Dame. It was pretty nice out and I always like getting up and being productive before noon. Then we went to my grandma's house to celebrate my cousin Brooklyn's 4th birthday (she's cuter than me, it's okay to let her upstage me every once and awhile) We had pizza and cake and a lot of Peppa Pig.

Then after that we went to Doc's (a restaurant in Mish that if you haven't been to you should check out because, well, burgers) and had dinner with my family and my other grandma and her boyfriend (who - disclosure- actually owns said restaurant) then back to her house for cake and presents and Quelf. Quelf my friends is my least favorite game but its full of embarrassment and shenanigans and Lilly saying stupid things, so we play it a lot.

SUNDAY - 3 photo sessions in the morning, in 3 different locations across town. It was intense. Then I had lunch with my grandfather and his wife Di. This is the same grandfather that we were visiting in the hospital last month so to update you, HE'S SO MUCH BETTER. Still not 100% but it was really nice to see him up and moving and out of a gross hospital bed.

For my actual birthday I spent the day with Brock, eating chick fil a, watching Dragonball, having a fancy in home dinner, and just plain ol' having fun.

Remote Camera Fun

So as most of you probably know, I work for Purdue Athletics Creative Department. It's super fun and I get to learn a lot. But this month specifically I got to play around with some remote cameras for basketball and wrestling and we got some awesome content out of it. I also got to go in the catwalk above Mackey which is like insanely high and I DIDN'T DIE. So that's cool.

Other than that this month was mostly little love sessions that I can't wait to share with you guys! The blog post will be up shortly and when it is I'll throw the link in here as well in case you're reading this late!

If you want to see more of the life of Kelsey you can check out Brock's vlog on youtube

or follow me on Instagram if you don't already!

Stay tuned for March which will have all of the wonderful goodness of SPRING BREAK. I'm pumped.

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