My 2018 Resolutions

With New Years comes the inevitable flood of resolutions. Now I used to be super against these things but as I grew up I realized that it was a great opportunity to reevaluate my life and business and see where I want to improve and make some goals to do so.

So this year I decided to separate my goals into Personal and Business goals. I'm going to share most of them with you so maybe you can help keep me accountable as well as see what I'm prioritizing in the coming year!


Personal Goals

Drink more water!

This is insanely hard for me because despite what Brock and my mom tell me over and over again, I don't think water tastes like nothing, I think it tastes like ew. Mountain Dew and McDonald's Coke on the other hand... well you see my problem. I started the year with the goal of a 1:1 ratio and so far I'm at about a 60% success rate for that. Once I get to 100% consistently I'll bump it up to 2 waters for every soda/juice/etc and then just keep going until I weed it all out. Liquid candy is good though, it's a difficult thing for me.

Make a budget and stick to it

I'm usually pretty good with money. I'm not crazy reckless and almost always have an emergency fund available and have virtually no debt. However, I currently receive a lot of support from financial aid for my cost of living that I will not be receiving next year. My goal for this year is to save enough money to help support myself next year as well as be able to travel some later this year (no spoilers yet, but I'll keep you guys updated!) This means fewer meals out, less unnecessary purchases, and working a few more hours a week as well as some other changes.

Wake up every morning and get dressed like I was going to get my picture taken

So far I've done okay at this one, basically the last few months I would get into these deep ruts of dressing like I just got done with a morning swim practice without the added benefit of you know, exercise. This made me hate cameras, and often times myself, I wanted to stray from that. Brock also started vlogging again [check out his channel (] so considering I spend a lot of time with him I want to be comfortable with him pointing the camera at me every now and then.

Document more

This connects to the above goal. Feeling better about the way I look should make me more comfortable with documenting my life. I want to do this in a variety of ways. I started doing a "Second a Day" video which is basically a one second video every day that sort of highlights the day. It's really fun to look back through and I'm excited to share it with everyone at the end of the year. I also want to take more pictures to be able to share in these monthly blogs. Brock's vlog is another way we're helping document our lives in a way that's already helping us realize how great we actually have it.

Business Goals

Get 500 Followers on instagram

I'm currently at 218 so I feel like 500 is a completely doable number. There's a few things I'm doing to try and bump those numbers but as I'll probably say about 5 more times in this blog, word of mouth is HUGE in this industry. Referrals are the lifeblood of photography businesses.

^^^ with that. In case you were unaware, if you refer someone to me let them know to mention your name and when they place their deposit you'll get a certificate for $10 a future session! $25 for wedding referrals!

Post a blog a minimum of once a month

I've hit my quota for January and I have blogs planned for a few months without including shoots which I'll always try and blog to show you guys more images from sessions so that I don't have to overload my instagram feed. Along with this I'm also incorporating a monthly blog completely dedicated to me, Kelsey, as a person. Once those are up I'll link the first one here!

Book 5 weddings

If you've been in the photo game awhile you know that 5 weddings is not a lot, but it's more than the 3 (and a half, we'll count renewals as a half) that I did last year, and it's a good foothold to grow from. I'm taking steps to reach more brides but like I said before, referrals are everything! So if you know someone that recently got a new ring, feel free to send them my information! if you yourself are engaged and considering me for your wedding photographer send me a message! I'd love to meet with you and talk about what you're looking for! Or book an engagement session to test the waters! Through the end of January booked engagement sessions are only $100! (and the month of love coming up may or may not have a few couple friendly sales.... )

Increase Engagement

Now this one is a little harder to measure with a number but what I want to do is develop more of a dialogue with my followers, on all platforms. In order to do that I need some feedback from you guys! Let me know what you like, what you don't, what you want to see, respond to polls I post, ENGAGE! A while back I held a contest on my FaceBook that sent my page up to over 700 likes but I still only get a handful of likes and comments on each picture/post, my goal is to make that ratio a little more friendly. Let's say 10% of followers engaging on Facebook, 20% everywhere else.


That's it! Those are my goals for the year. I'll probably give you guys an update in June but other than that just keep your eye out for these and help keep my accountable! If you have any goals or resolutions that you're working on that you want me to help you keep let me know and I'll do my best!

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