Haley + Nathaniel

We got out of the car on a chilly December day, I told them to stand by that tree up there and after that I don't think they stopped smiling through the entire session, which made capturing the glow between these two even easier. 

 It's a little weird doing so many smoochy pictures with my baby sister, but they were so adorable that I put my gag reflex aside. I'm incredibly glad I did. 

 My favorite shots are the ones that show the couple's unique chemistry and personality. For Haley and Nathaniel, that meant some good old fashion finger gun (and bow & arrow? not even Haley is quite sure) shoot outs. 

& you can't show love without a few good creamtones, am I right?

 Then after we got done freezing our toesies off we headed back inside for some hot cocoa and christmasy cuddles. I haven't done too much indoor work for things like lifestyle sessions so it was a good experience for me and if there's one thing Haley won't ever turn down, it's cocoa and cuddles.

 As engagement season comes to an end make sure to take advantage of my sale! $50 off all engagement sessions through the end of January! DM me for more details!

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