A Little Look at Brianna

Bri is absolutely incredible. She's always down to jump in with whatever idea pops into my head and will absorb herself into a tree with no hesitation. That's the kind of friend you need folks. Find someone who will get poison ivy trudging through the woods just for some bomb pics. (true story, remember those pretty sunshine and daisy pictures? that shoot ended in a lot of itches, still so sorry Bri, but now we know and wear pants)

I am so incredibly thankful to have such gorgeous friends, I mean look at this girl. Stunning. 

 We then decided to get some fall vibe photos in the middle of December. Kudos to Bri for being a trooper and not even flinching in the cold while meanwhile I was in a coat, hat, and gloves. 

 Sometimes you just got to Vogue out to hide the fact that you're freezing. I'm working on coaching poses and the ideas that I see in my head a little more and Bri slayed these. Sometimes the things that feel the weirdest when you're modeling come out way better than you could expect. 

 & other times you just got to break all the posed nonsense and be yourself a little bit. 

As school picks back up and we get into the swing of things I want to meet new girls and do more fun shoots like this down at Purdue so if you’re interested shoot me a DM and we can talk! 

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