Meet Jill - Senior Model Rep 2018

Jill's a senior at Penn High School and is K. Renee's FIRST SENIOR MODEL REP. Crazy exciting right? I was so excited to meet her and capture these beautiful images together. We spent our session exploring and finding hidden gems to compose our pictures around, she was amazing.

When you apply to be a model rep my application has a section questioning your comfort in front of a camera, Jill put "I could warm up to it" and boy did she. She had never really had professional pictures done before, just the ones they do at school. Ya know the ones, where they tell you to shove your shoulders back and chin up, to the left, down a bit, up, up, *click*, typical yearbook stuff. I say this because I want those of you that are hesitant to do senior pictures or sign up to be a rep because of your inexperience to realize that you don't need that. I GOT YOU. Well, chances are, YOU GOT YOU, but I'll help, at least a little.

Telling people how to sit is the hardest thing for me, I'm not sure why but it's difficult for me to voice how I want someone to put their legs without making them overthink it and look uncomfortable. So when Jill was natural at just sitting, I was ecstatic.

When we started I asked Jill what she wanted to get out of her session, just like I do every client. Do you want warm magical things, do you want moody dark images, do you want like cheesy stereotypical senior pictures, whatcha want girl? She didn't know, she told me that she just wanted to "be me" which, is the most genuine answer I can think of but as a photographer that just met this girl made my job a little bit harder. So on we went, talking and taking pictures trying to get to know this quiet girl in front of my camera, and you know what I found?

A quirky, adorable, sweet, shy, girl that has one of the kindest hearts I've ever met, and I'm super glad I got to work with her. She's not quite sure where she's going to college but psychology is currently the frontrunner of major choices, which after spending 2 hours with her makes total sense.

Jill's big into choir and volunteer work. She's a member of the National Honor Society, something I devoted a lot of my time to back in my day as well. (yep, it's official, I'm old)

I've got a couple more seniors lined up this fall that I can't wait to meet and share with you guys. No doubt that they'll be as fun as Jill and I'll have even more great content to share. If you still don't have a clue what you or your senior are doing for senior pictures send me a message! Spring spots will fill up fast once everyone starts to panic last minute to get them done. Get a head of the rush and book now! Also don't forget about fall minis September 30th! These are only $45 and are a great way to get just a couple pictures done if you're on a budget!

Good luck with the rest of your year Jill! I can't wait to see what kind of difference you're going to make in the world!

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