A Little Look at Bailie

Yeah this one is long overdue. You see kids (of all ages) Bay here is also a good chunk of why I got into photography, so I kind of owe her one of these things. We've done a few shoots together before but nothing since I've really gotten a grasp on this whole button clicking thing. Also I mean just look at her, she's freaking stunning. I was on cloud nine editing those freckles let me tell ya.

You see at some point in our weird some what complicated friendship Bailie pulled me aside and we painted me up all spooky like and made it look like there was a paint brush being stabbed out of my neck and took some pictures those started my spiral into the love of the thing. She used me for a couple shoots for her film class that semester and that inspired me to take one of my own. Pretty cool how things work out I guess. Here's some very low quality shots of a couple of those.

But that was it, and then I was hooked, at least for a short while, and like most addictions would resurface later. But enough of that for now I'll talk more about my experience in my black and white film course in a later blog when I talk about my experience in my current college one (exciting right?). Back to the beauty that is Bailie.

She eats the camera up. It always takes a second, as it does with almost anyone, but once that little ounce of awkward leaves what's left is pure magic.

Bailie's what we like to call grunge, which for a very long time I thought was just a fancy way of saying dirty. It's a little more than that (okay okay, quite a bit more) but regardless when we found this trashcan in the middle of the lake walkway she couldn't resist taking a picture with it. Embrace what you are and make it art I guess?

Totally kidding, Bailie's perfect.

We crawled through the woods, into some mud, almost scarred some little boys (or made their day, it's a coin toss) and spent an obnoxious amount of time in McDonald's in a typical Kelsey/Bailie fashion. It was super great.

Bay's a dancer, so being dramatic is sorta her thing. We fed off of that and boy oh boy oh boy.

I've been trying to think of how to end these things, and after doing Kylee's I think that putting what I learn from each of my clients is a great way to do it. Now I could write a book with the things that Bailie has taught me so I'll limit it to what I learned in that few hours with her. People are going to come and go in your life, but there are going to be these few special gems that will stick. You may not talk for a while, you may fight, you may not see each other for a long time, but there's some people that are just... right, and they fit. Those are the people that you should hold on to.

Thank you Bailie, for sticking, through everything.

Life's throwing a lot at us, but we got this.

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