A Little Look At Kylee

I'm a huge fan of turning bad situations into good ones. This isn't the shoot Kylee and I originally had planned but by golly am I glad it's the one we did. Look at that gorgeous human. She was a natural. We spent all afternoon shoving her face into plants and I didn't get one complaint, not even when the face shoving was greeted by spider webs and her almost stepping in dog poop and me actually stepping in dog poop (yeah, no one ever tells you about the crap the photographer goes through (hah, puns))

We even got a little adventurous and explored behind the 100 center and let me tell you, don't ever do that alone. ALWAYS bring your photo buddy, & maybe a knife but it was totally worth it.

We even found this really cool chair and this hole in the wall perfect for peeping out of (which we totally weren't supposed to do because when I went back the next week with a different model that same hole had like 7 new boards of wood over it, whoops sorry)

Portrait sessions make me all sorts of giddy. I'm always super pumped to go home and edit them and get them back to the clients as quickly as possible. I love how excited they get about them and how beautiful they look. Usually the first thing I do as soon as I get in the car after the session is take like 50 BOC (back of camera) shots and send them to my mom and boyfriend going OH OH LOOK LOOK. It's a little ridiculous how much I love my clients sometimes.

I love exploring new places with people, it gets a little difficult sometimes with a pretty pricey camera in my hand but I'm always down to try. Let's climb on things, shoot through plants, jump on stuff, do all the things, live life while we can. It's a beautiful thing.

Also if you're a photog and you're reading this, listen up. If you're questing adding a picture to a gallery because something about it is just slightly off technically but your gut really likes the picture, ADD IT. Chances are your client knows very little about technical who ha and will just listen to their gut. Almost every time I add a picture to a gallery last minute it ends up being one of the client's favorites. Kylee's probably reading this going oh oh what one is it what one don't you like that I like? I'll tell you don't worry.

This one, why you ask? It's not that I don't like it, I do, it's in my top too, the sign is just overexposed. My art teacher would give me like a C on it so I almost didn't include it. Weird right? Art is strange.

Anyway, Kylee reminded me of something super important that day that I want to pass on to you guys. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, and if you're happy? basque in it. Let that glow take over, because it can change your whole life.

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