Melody + Tyler + Natalie To Be

Middle schoolers are weird. Oh you knew that already? Well good we are all on the same page. Okay, well when we were in middle school our specific brand of weird somehow ended up with the ever lovely Melody and I being married. Why? I wish I could tell you. But all I know is that she was a darn good wife, we made some awful cake in a cup, and if I had to share her with anyone, I'm glad it's Tyler. Take good care of my first wife and little Natalie Ty, your little family is growing beautifully.

The first thing that I thought when I heard that Mel was pregnant was how in the heck is that little bean going to grow a whole other bean inside of her? But she's doing a pretty great job. Now we all just have to figure out how to convince her to move back to Indiana so that we all get more baby time, if you're interested I'll have a petition you can sign upon request.

These two are all sorts of perfect. They kept telling me the whole shoot that they didn't know how to be cute and then I'd put my camera up and boom, adorable. Like seriously guys? We had to convince Melody that she actually liked Tyler a little bit every once in awhile but other than that you'd think they were in love or something.

When we got to our location, The Res in Mishawaka, Mel made a comment about how when I was in middle school another one of my friends and I had done a sort of mini photo shoot there and how now I was doing an actual big girl photo shoot there and how it had sort of come full circle and I thought that was sort of cool. I've included some of those pictures more for your entertainment than anything else and to show you that in the right hands a photographer can make a location that looks mundane to you look magical. (next 2 photos by about a 14 year old Sam Haimbaugh)

It's pretty crazy how far we've come. I remember how cool we thought those photos were back then too. It's pretty crazy. (also yes, I'm wearing a pop tab bracelet, I was cool, leave me alone)

Natalie is going to have some cool parents, there's no doubt about that. I can't wait to work with them again in the future. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy Mel, see you guys in December!

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