Welcome to the World, Elena Marie

Growing up is pretty crazy. Your friends start moving away, getting married, and even having kids. My boyfriend once said "I think the scariest thing about becoming an adult is realizing that all along the grown ups didn't really know what they were doing either." and honestly, that's true. You go from thinking that adults have it all figured out and must have went to some special school to learn how to make the best mac and cheese in the world and be practically doctors whenever we get sick and always seem to have enough money to get by. Spoiler alert in case you're still waiting on your acceptance letter, they don't. But Ian and Arlene seem to have it figured out, or at least they are doing a great job of fooling the rest of us.

I just so happened to be in the town the day little baby Elena decided to grace the world with her presence so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go get some baby time, snap some photos, and catch up with some old friends and I'm so glad I did.

{disclaimer, if you think this blog is going to be anything other than oogling at how adorable this little thing is and maybe a little bit about how you can book your own newborn shoot, you should probably just leave now, however if you're anything like me and live vicariously through other people's adorable children and love than by all means continue}

newborn photography

You see that cute little bub, They made that. That's nuts. All those little tiny toes and fingers and the gorgeous little baby blue peepers. Their love made that. It's bonkers. Like the last time I saw Ian we were playing Magic and the time before that he was putting temporary tattoos on his nipples. This man is a father now. Good luck Elena, don't let your dad embarrass you too badly.

Both of my shoots this weekend were baby related so my baby fever was at an all time high and I just tickled pink at all the cuteness.


Newborn sessions may have just cracked my top 3 favorite session types. Hospitals could have nicer lighting but other than that it made my heart super super warm and fluffy and made me want one really really bad (don't worry mom, I'll wait a little longer I promise). If you or a friend has a little one on the way please consider hiring me (or anyone honestly) for what we call a "Fresh 48" session. You won't regret it.

What's a Fresh 48 you ask? Well as it implies it's a shoot within the first 48 hours of the baby's birth. They are done this early for a few reasons, one, this is probably the last time the parents are going to look awake for a long time, and when the baby is going to sleep the most. Two, the emotions are still super raw and real. This is the first time the dad has gotten to really interact with the baby, and the first time the mother has gotten to see that stubborn little thing that was keeping her awake all night practicing for their future soccer career.

They don't have to be at the hospital either. You can do them on their first day home as well! Sometimes moms prefer this because then they've had time to recover a bit and shower and they may feel a little more comfortable.

If you want some more information on my newborn or maternity packages, feel free to fill out my contact form below! A maternity session blog is up next, keep your eye out!

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