Max + Parker

A few months ago I approached this adorable little family to do some photos for a promotion I was running, and since then they have been nothing but a blessing to my little business. So when Hilary (this adorable little tots mom) approached me about doing a father/son shoot for Max's (the father shown here) birthday I knew we were in for some great images.

Now I know I've said it before and I'll probably say it about 400 more times, when you're working with a toddler, they're in charge. You can give suggestions and push in the right direction but at the end of the day that little sucker is going to do whatever it is that he wants to do, don't fight it too much.

For example, We wanted to do some cute shots of Max holding Parker and being all lovey dovey, Parker didn't.

So instead of forcing him into it, we did some fun things instead, and still got some stellar photos. Oh but don't be fooled by what I managed to sneak in, in all his nearly two year old glory whenever he caught me taking pictures Parker hit me with a stern finger and a solid "no" but all of the sights and sounds and "wa-wa" distracted him enough to keep him from tears.

& I mean it's not a Parker session if he doesn't get tossed in a the air a little bit right?

We even managed to sneak in a few pictures of Mama even though it was focused on Max and Parker. I think that that's one of the reason that I love love love being a candid focused photographer. Moments like this might not seem as photogenic to posed photographers and they may go by unnoticed but they can mean the world a few years down the road when their cute little baby boy isn't too fond of snuggles anymore. Never stop shooting, you don't know what magic you could miss.

Oh, I almost forgot, if you need any proof of like how cool I am, Parker showed me his super secret handshake with his dada, complete with some good old fashion Rocket Power nostalgia at the end. So basically I'm the coolest. (No, that's not how that works? Darn.)

I was also taught that the most sure fire way to get a good sniff of the flowers is to scrunch up your top lip so much that it actually covers your nose. 2/10 effective for smells, 10/10 adorable.

To book your own session head on over to and shoot me a message! I'm super excited to already be booking well into October (I'll schedule family and senior sessions up through December currently!) Mishawaka sessions are limited with school starting back up so act quickly! Family sessions start at just $100!

See you next time!

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